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  Welcome to the exciting and visually stimulating world of Bunny Ranch. This medium sized bar is situated in the area loosely referred to by locals, as Upper Field’s, and over the years it has become a popular destination for many Angeles visitors. 

Loosely based on the playboy bunny theme, Bunny Ranch has become some what of an iconic bar in the Angeles bar scene and has generated numerous loyal fans and a dedicated customer base. Visitors to Bunny Ranch truly appreciate the lineup of beautiful women who work here and the friendly welcoming ambiance that has become the bars trademark. 

In recent years Angeles has experienced rapid development and many different types of bars have sprung up but Bunny Ranch maintains the old school approach and the emphasis remains on beautiful ladies, realistic pricing, a friendly and welcoming ambiance, an exhaustive range of music, professional management and of course the fabulous Bunny Ranch pole dancers. 

In modern day Angeles many bars incorporate shows and special dance routines and of these one of the very best is our Bunny Ranch pole dancers. These athletic young women have been doing the pole dancing show for a number of years and as a result have perfected a routine that truly stands out and always provides maximum entertainment value. The pole dancing shows are conducted nightly (except Monday) and are performed on the hour, every hour from 9:PM to 3:AM. If you are yet to see this show make a point to check it out because it really is a professional, exciting show, unrivaled in the Angeles bar scene.  

Bunny Ranch has recently been acquired by new owners and we have initiated a fresh dynamic management team and yet at the same time we have maintained what was so attractive about the bar to our existing customer base. 

Another attractive feature about Bunny Ranch is that upstairs above the bar there are 4 hotel rooms which are rented out at 1500 piso per night for the standard room and 2000 a night for the Jacuzzi rooms. 

Bunny Ranch is an old school bar which always guarantees customers a stimulating and exciting environment, along with, excellent value for money,  pole dancing shows, attentive staff and various discounts including 10% off the total bill for all Asian Escapades members.  So next time you are visiting the Angeles bars, hop on in, and enjoy the wonderful world of Bunny Ranch. 

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